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A Monstrous Ale Surfaces as Magic Hat Mardi Gras Nears. Delights are Imminent.
Wee Heavy

Humdinger of a Wee Heavy to be Released


Wee Heavy Champ, 2017’s first Humdinger, will soon begin to ascend from the depths of our beer cellars. Our take on a Scotch Ale, Wee Heavy Champ is brewed with a load of wheat and Munich malt alongside caramel and chocolate malt. Rich, complex notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla and toffee ripple on the surface, while in the depths of its opaque body lies just a touch of hop bitterness.


Catch Wee Heavy Champ in 4-packs of bottles and on draught throughout March and April. Cellaring is highly encouraged, as its myriad flavors will evolve into ever more complex combinations over time.

Catch Him If You Can
Magic Hat Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras
Thaws Burlington
on March 11!

Burlington’s annual spring thaw—The 22nd annual Magic Hat Mardi Gras Weekend—is right around the corner! Join us alongside thousands of revelers as we cheer on festive local floats, catch beads and moonpies and support our local community.

The Magic Hat Mardi Gras Parade is a party with a conscience, serving to benefit our friends at the Vermont Foodbank. Proceeds from bead and mask sales, Fun Run entry fees and more will all help to raise money for Vermonters in need.

For a full list of happenings March 10–12, including the Fun Run, information on live music downtown and parade details,
visit the Magic Hat Mardi Gras website!

And if you’re able, show some love for the
Vermont Foodbank and donate today!

Mardi Gras Parade
Circus Boy / Zirkus Boy

Circus Boy vs. Zirkus Boy


Circus Boy, our American-style Hefeweizen, recently discovered his delicious doppelganger, and we’re just about ready to release his from the confines of his traveling circus. Keep your eyes peeled for a special Split 6er featuring Circus Boy and his German counterpart, Zirkus Boy, and be prepared to #ChooseYourHefe!

Choose Your Hefe
Circus Boy / Zirkus Boy Packages
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